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Volcano Market 2

Time for another book signing and sale at the Volcano Market! This time my table was in the busier outside pavilion, and we were right next to some breakfast items cooked to order! Good for business as their customers had time to browse while waiting for onolicious pancake sandwiches and French toast hot off the […]

Big Island book signing event

With a Big Island section featuring well-known local photographers G.Brad Lewis and Jack Jeffrey plus artist John Dawson and botanist Tim Tunison, interest in the book has been especially high with bookstore sales at Basically Books in Hilo. How about a book signing at the Volcano Village Sunday open market, which is close to many […]

Adventurerʻs Hawaiʻi – a gold medalist!

Itʻs always nice to get a pat on the back for your efforts! When it comes to books, it doesnʻt get much better than to be a medalist in the annual IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) Benjamin Franklin Awards competition. Designer Cindy Turner and author Peter Caldwell with gold medal trophy in hand are all […]

Cave Time?

Paying a visit to a sea cave is one of the highlights of any kayak session. This kind of adventure is generally limited to the summer months as the winter storm forces that created the cave in the first place are certainly to be avoided and care is always needed. On Oahu, the cave on […]

Ko’olaus Calling!

     A hiker pauses on the KST on a spectacular clear day.                                      Endemic Hawaiian vegetation rules!                   Central Koʻolaus: Peering over the edge down the windward side. For […]

Halema’uma’u: June 2014

Being very fortunate to have built a  second home near Volcanoes National Park, no trip is complete without a nighttime visit to the Jagger Overlook on Kilaueaʻs rim. We must pay our respects to Madame P and check out Halemaʻumaʻu. We were lucky enough to be there in March 2008 during a semester break trip […]

Summer kayaking

With summer days here, itʻs a great time to jump on your kayak and visit your favorite Oahu spots. Want company (and you should always try and go with someone else), check out the schedule put together by the Hui Waʻa Kaukahi Kayak Club here on Oahu. The windward side of the island has plenty […]

Hōkūle’a tribute

Hōkūleʻa and her companion canoe, Hikianalia, are on course and nearing the halfway mark on their voyage to Tahiti. Time for a shout out to the crews and more best wishes for them all especially for the younger generation who will carry on the legacy of the canoe. Having been fortunate enough to sail on […]

Gear for 2014 Part Two

Outside magazine has both annual winter and summer buyer’s guides. Summer 2014 covers a lot more ground than the Backpacker version as you might expect. Cycling, running, and water sports get more coverage plus there is a separate section for women participants in all these activities! So what jumped out at me looking through these […]

Gear for 2014 Part One

Besides online reviews, I like two print resources for annual updates of what’s new for hiking and kayaking gear. Of course, it’s not all applicable to Hawaii but many of us take mainland trips as well. In my case having grown up hiking and backpacking in California’s Sierras ( )before coming to the islands, I’ve always […]