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Charge People for Rescue?

In the Star Advertiser for Monday 5/19/2014, there was a piece regarding “Hot, Thirsty Hikers” who were rescued from Oahu trails. In particular, a party of eighteen hiking the Mañana trail called for help, and 11 members were airlifted out even though there were no injuries. Having written on this subject in the past (Caldwell, […]

Hawaii magazine outdoors issue

Check out the June 2014 issue of Hawaii magazine for some scoop on some favorite hiking trails and especially a photo feature on three days in Waimanu Valley, one of my highlight trips as well. See some photos from a very memorable visit there in the Big Island section of Adventurer’s Hawai’i. I remember it […]

Ohulehule Forest Conservancy

Waikane is undergoing a gradual transformation thanks to Paul Zweng and his corps of enthusiastic volunteers. The goal? Removing invasives and reintroducing endemic forest plants and trees. Owner of 1443 acres that he remarkably was able to purchase for the “price of a home in Kahala”, Paul’s task of eliminating strawberry guava, albizia, and other […]