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Cave Time?

Paying a visit to a sea cave is one of the highlights of any kayak session. This kind of adventure is generally limited to the summer months as the winter storm forces that created the cave in the first place are certainly to be avoided and care is always needed.

On Oahu, the cave on the back side of Mokumanu is one of the best. These two islands are are part of the Hawaiʻi State Bird Sanctuary system, and there are often clouds of birds cruising around the higher cliffs. Divers give the area high marks but itʻs also a favorite hang out for the “men in the grey flannel suits” especially the striped kind!  For experienced paddlers, there is also a narrow passage between the two islands but that requires good timing and the right tide. The cave itself is spacious and turns to the right as you paddle in to the end. As always, you have the feeling of being a privileged guest as you contemplate the caveʻs  creation and watch the birds wheeling high above the entrance. Pick a relatively calm summer day and check it out!

Cave 3Cave 1

Approaching from the Kailua side (top); Looking out from the entrance (bottom).


Approaching from the Kailua side.