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Gear for 2014 Part Two

Outside magazine has both annual winter and summer buyer’s guides. Summer 2014 covers a lot more ground than the Backpacker version as you might expect. Cycling, running, and water sports get more coverage plus there is a separate section for women participants in all these activities!

So what jumped out at me looking through these pages? Once again footwear that might be especially good for island trails and conditions: Yep, nothing detracts from an adventure on the ‘āina than ill-fitting or troublesome hiking shoes.

Because we often encounter wet/muddy trails or slippery sections, take a look at the Vasque Lotic, a shoe that is touted as especially good for amphibious hikers.

VQ-07052-1-tile It lists for around $100 but can be had for less at Amazon and other online retailers. Thereʻs a womenʻs version too!


Dead cell phone? How about checking out Digital Treasures The Soldier. This handy gadget like the old line takes a lickinʻ and keeps on tickinʻ (i.e. charging). Will charge an iPhone three times and also serves as a serious flashlight. Can be had on Amazon for $59.95. Definitely worth a look!


Daypacks keep getting lighter and having more features. Companies like Granite Gear, Gregory, and Osprey have good selections. The Gregory Miwok 18 is a versatile, comfortable pack with plenty of ways to organize your stuff. Shop around and you can find it for less than its list $99.95 price.




Once again, you can sure spend less for adventuring gear but in my experience, youʻll thank yourself many times for parting with some of your hard earned cash for quality outdoor products.