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Hōkūle’a tribute

Hōkūleʻa and her companion canoe, Hikianalia, are on course and nearing the halfway mark on their voyage to Tahiti. Time for a shout out to the crews and more best wishes for them all especially for the younger generation who will carry on the legacy of the canoe. Having been fortunate enough to sail on two different memorable neighbor island trips, itʻs easy to go back and think of the crews from earlier days. Interested in the Polynesian Voyaging Society from its start, images flash through my mind:  Mau talking story after a work day on the canoe prior to the first voyage in 1976, following along with the armada of boats off Diamond Head as the canoe returned to Hawaii, watching the lights on the canoe off Waikiki as Hōkūle’a left Magic Island on that fateful 1978 trip, witnessing the canoeʻs departure from Papeete in 1980, returning to Oahu after my first outer island trip and riding big swells at night while steering the canoe  off Koko Head, the list goes on.

Hokulea copy

Hōkūleʻa in the Kaiwi Channel (Still had the crab claw sails then).

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