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A selection of sample pages from the 236 page hard-bound book.

A Look Inside the Book

First published in 1992, Adventurer’s Hawai‘i returns in a second edition filled with new images and stories that capture the spirit of adventure.
The premise remains the same — locations on each island that require a variable amount of effort and expertise to visit.

These special places remain for the enjoyment of those who want to see another side of the Hawaiian Islands far from crowded beaches, hotels and malls. This is primarily a photographic celebration of Hawaii’s wild beauty and those who want specifics as to route and access are best served by connecting with local resources for insider assistance. As before, the hope is that by calling attention to our island natural riches, preservation for future generations will take place.

In the twenty-one years since the first edition, besides opportunities for exciting 
new adventures, the world of photography
 has exploded into the digital age and the new images reflect that progress. Besides the author’s collection, this edition includes the work of a number of contributors, some being recognized as experts in their particular area. Hawaii’s endemic birds are spectacular in images by the Big Island’s Jack Jeffrey, and the volcano goddess, Pele, gets superb treatment by renowned volcano photographer G. Brad Lewis. Renown for his Nature in America series of stamp illustrations for the USPS, Hilo artist John Dawson’s artwork is also featured. With additional supplementary sections ranging from Hawaiian Lakes to Restoration of the Native Botanical Ecosystem, this book is a treasure chest of unique material not found anywhere else.

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