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Ohulehule Forest Conservancy

Waikane Valley: Back to the future?

Waikane Valley: Back to the future?

Waikane is undergoing a gradual transformation thanks to Paul Zweng and his corps of enthusiastic volunteers. The goal? Removing invasives and reintroducing endemic forest plants and trees.

Owner of 1443 acres that he remarkably was able to purchase for the “price of a home in Kahala”, Paul’s task of eliminating strawberry guava, albizia, and other non-natives seems daunting but progress is really being made and has attracted national attention. See this recent piece that appeared in the NY Times in December of 2013: Killing With Kindness.

Now koa seedlings are thriving as well as a host of other endemics that are now freed from being over run by the bad guys. For anyone interested in spending a little time on this wonderful project, Paul is always looking for volunteers. In the process, you will find out more about this historic valley, learn about native plants, and help apply the coup de grace to invasive trees and shrubs.

For info about this project that has the blessing of the Waikane Community Association and goes by the name of the Ohulehule Forest Conservancy , you can contact Paul at: or (808)377-1947. He puts out a weekly newsletter with updates and info about volunteers opportunities for the upcoming week. As he says, “Come out to Waikane, the forest needs you!”